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The Blue Crown

Book 1 – in the NefFI Jones Series

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Based on real characters from the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, ‘The Blue Crown’ is the first in a new series of novels that launches Neffi Jones into a world of historical fantasy.

Fast paced aCtion centred around the developing strength of a girl’s first taste oF adventUre

The Blue Fairy and the Three Princesses

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 A rhyming fairy story that takes three princesses on a journey to save the kingdom from the curse of a wicked witch.

Dragons, goblins, and trolls, all play a part in finding the only person who can help lift the evil spell.

The Blue Fairy.

Mr Rhino- Pede becomes a King

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The Long Dragon – Available soon

Book 2 – in the Neffi Jones series

A two thousand years have passed and the Chosen One rises again to battle against the dark lord. The second in the Neffi Jones series of historical fantasy thrillers that sees Neffi discovering more about a her powers and the forces that are sent against her.
Set in the Han dynasty of China it combines reality with fantasy and takes Neffi to her next level

SHORTRIDGE – Available soon

Tudor England is at war and nearly bankrupt. It’s King is ill and plots regarding his succession are already being made in secret. At fourteen, Richard Shortridge, survivor of the Mary Rose, finds himself in possession of a secret that can change the course of history. Who can he trust?

The first in a new series of historical adventure novels that launches the Shortridge dynasty.

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