Neffi Jones is feisty, self-determined and hungry for all life can throw at her. While on her first work placement, excavating a tomb in the Valley of the Kings, there is a growing awareness that she also has psychic skills beyond the natural world.

Sagira, the handmaiden to Queen Nefertiti and guardian of the Blue Crown, is learning to harness powers granted by ancient gods to change ancient Egypt’s destiny.

As the twin chains of events grow closer to their inevitable conclusions, there is a realisation that, perhaps, their worlds are linked by much darker forces.

The First Emperor is dead. There is a new dynasty ruling China and the red comet has appeared. The Dark Lord sees his chance and prepares to release chaos on the world. In the mountains of the West, there is an awakening and a dragon war seems inevitable.
Two thousand years later the red comet returns and so do the dragons!

The second in the Neffi Jones series sees her discovering more about her powers and the forces that are sent against her. Helped by Hazim and his father, Sir Richard Shortridge, she advances to the next level where she learns that all is not as it first seems.

A wicked witch places a curse over the land and the Three Princesses have to look for the Blue Fairy, who is the only one who can lift the evil spell. Aided by the friendly dragon rider, a wizard, and an Elf King, they have to find each of the Blue Fairy’s three sisters, and battle the smelly Goblins, before they can rescue her from the clutches of the trolls and return with the magic token.

42 pages long, it is a traditional rhyming fairy tale brought to life with exciting illustrations. Suitable for children of all ages.

For those moments in life when you feel the need to read.

A collection of twenty-four shorts stories. Some will make you laugh and some will make you sad, but all of them will make you think.


Book one in a new series that see the beginning of the Shortridge dynasty. Fast furious adventure, full of intrigue, mystery and romance. Coming soon.


Books by Indigo Wall and Layla Bartlett

It’s crazy, silly and fun. A centipede who is part Rhinoceros (why not) discovers that having all you wish for is sometimes not the best thing. After becoming King by accident, he goes on an adventure to find the real King, his brother. A magical world of make-believe, invented, written and illustrated by two young school friends who wanted to demonstrate their concept of what was fair and right. It is a book written by children for children.

The continuing adventures of a centipede that is also a rhinoceros – yes, we know this is crazy!
After restoring the crown to his brother, Mr Rhino-Pede is given two tickets to a new theme park that holds a giant roller coaster. However, the day does not go according to plan. Learn how Mr Rhino-Pede chooses which of his many friends to take and what happens to them. Sometimes it is the small acts of kindness that can mean the most!

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