Shortridge – A new dynasty

The Shortidge’s and the Seldon’s

The creation of Roger Shortridge

Angus’s fingers opened, and the pike’s broken shaft fell into the marsh that should not have been there. As he dropped to his knees, the water oozed coldly over the edge of his leather boots and soaked into his linen hose. The pitch-daubed quilted jacket, worn proudly a few hours ago, was gone, and his Wallace family crest with it. His exposed chest glistened whitely in the fading evening light. His hand moved tentatively to his side and touched the gaping wound left by the English billhook. At first, there was no blood, and he felt no pain. Angus’s mind refused to register what his eyes saw. Everything seemed so numbingly remote.

Two days ago, he rode next to his proud father, fearless and eager for his first battle. Twenty-four hours ago, he had given up his horse and sword for a pike three times longer than himself. There had been only one afternoon of training. One hour ago, he had watched his father and brother blown to pieces by an English cannon. He had never been so frightened and alone.

The pain hit, and the blood gushed. It streamed down his side and pooled into the muddy water. Fear turned to anger. He tried to rise, but his legs failed him, and he slumped to his side. Slowly he curled into a ball. It helped to ease the pain. Angus began to pray to his god, but as the words formed on his lips, they faded to nothing. How could he pray to a god that let his father and brother die in front of him? God had deserted him.

Tudor England is at war and nearly bankrupt. Its King is in France and his Queen is left to deal with an invasion from the North. A teenage boy survives the bloodiest battle ever to take place on English soil. He can remember nothing and is rescued by Sir Edmund Walsingham, and is given a new name – Roger of the Shortridge

Entrusted with a Royal secret, Roger Shortridge becomes one of Tudor England’s most accomplished spies.

Fast, furious and full of intrigue the story pulls you through the lives of two families, the Shortridge’s and the Seldon’s, in one common goal. Protect the King.

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