The Blue Crown Egyptian fantasy a story about powerful women.

The Valley of the Kings reveals a secret

Sagira, handmaiden to Queen Nefertiti is the guardian of The Blue Crown. Neffi Jones is on her first work placement in the Valley of the Kings.
The Blue Crown

          Neffi Jones is fascinated by the mysteries of ancient Egypt and while on her first work placement, excavating a tomb in the Valley of the Kings, she is drawn into a world of crime and corruption that threatens not only her life but of those closest to her. At the same time, there is a growing awareness that she has psychic skills that go beyond the natural world, linking her inexplicably to the tomb and Nefertiti’s Blue Crown

          Sagira, handmaiden to Queen Nefertiti, and guardian of the Blue Crown is learning to harness powers that can make the difference between life and death, while at the same time becoming instrumental in overcoming a threat that could change the course of Egyptian history.

           As the twin chains of events grow closer to their inevitable conclusions, there is a realisation that, perhaps, their lives are not too dissimilar and that the two girls have a common secret, bound together by The Blue Crown. Certainly, their lives will never be the same again   

What prompted the story of The Blue Crown?

Ancient Egypt has always been a favourite period of history for many adults and children, including my granddaughters.

Learning about it was part of their school curriculum and prompted a visit to the British Museum’s Egyptian room. Displays of imposing stone statues, gold-encrusted sarcophagi, and gruesome mummified remains produced varying degrees of awe and amazement. Plus, the questions – are they real? After returning from the museum, there was the usual demand for a story from ‘Dampa’. Naturally it centred on ancient Egypt, and the first part of ‘The Blue Crown’ was born.

It was a relatively simple tale in its original form, without too many twists or turns. However, as time went by, it became more complex. This involved a considerable amount of new research. By the time it was ready for publication, the story and the grandchildren had become more mature.

What is the story’s background?

The modern-day part of this tale is pure fiction, with the lead role taken by a young girl called Neffi Jones. The name’s choice was heavily influenced by the grandchildren and the fact that she was from Wales – well, why not?

The battle of Thebes never actually took place. However, the background relating the transfer of power to the new city of Akhetaten (Amarna) and the demise of the old gods, are based on firm historical records.

This must have produced an incredible conflict between ancient Egypt’s religious leaders and Pharaoh’s military administrators. It is this aspect that the story concentrates on while at the same time drawing a parallel with modern-day issues. Some things, like greed and corruption, never seem to change. Except for Sagira, Dan, Tubal and Tuiti, the characters in the book, relating to ancient Egypt, are real people.

Book two in the series is available – click here to read more

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