The boy, the horse, the vet


The poem about a young boy who accompanies a locum vet on an emergency night callout to attend a horse that has run through barbed wire.

The horse runs wild in the field, the boy is asleep in his bed
The horse jumps up in the air, the boy dreams of wild games instead.

The horse does not see the wire, the boy kicks a ball through posts
The horse is torn on the chest, the boy suddenly sees the pale ghosts

The horse stops still and shivers, the boy can feel a sharp pain
The horse is bent and bleeding, the boy twists in his bed again

The horse runs back to the stable, the boy stirs and shakes his head
The horse is secure in his stall, the boy slips quietly from his bed

The horse is surrounded by its friends, the boy gets dressed in a hurry
The horse is comforted and petted, the boy grabs his boots in a flurry

The horse stands with eyes staring white, the boy hears the phone in the hall
The horse has blood on its chest, the boy joins the vet on his call

The horse waits in the dry warmth, the boy holds the bag to his chest
The horse shifts his weight in discomfort, the boy leans on the door to rest.

The horse becomes calmer with kind hands, the boy can smell its heady scent
The horse flickers it’s oily warm skin, the boy looks down at the jagged rent

The horse takes the needle with ease, the boy become faint and unsteady
The horse is whole and powerful again, the boy is not sure he’s ready

The horse looks at the silent figures, the boy looks down and begins to weep
The horse smells the warm night air, the boy has his boots on the wrong feet.

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