Short Stories

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A short story depicting somebody in a state of fugue.

Fugue – An altered state of consciousness in which a person may move about purposely and even speak, but is not fully aware. A psychotic state in which the person has temporary memory loss and is not aware of where they are or how they got there. Causes  can include, amongst other things, post traumatic stress or battle fatigue.

Tell Megiddo is a strategically placed site in Israel with a history that stretches back over 5000 years and  has been the place of many important battles, one of which was when  Pharaoh Thutmose III of Egypt, defeated King Kadesh and the Canaanites in the year 1482BC, which is about 150 years prior to the reign of Pharaoh Armenhotep IV and the setting of The Blue Crown.                         

Megiddo is also important because, according to The Book of Revelation it is the site where the final battle will take place at “The End of Days” , between the “Fallen Angels” led by the “Dragon” Satan and the “Angels of Heaven” led by Archangel Michael. The First battle of the angels, saw Satan and his follower thrown down to earth at a place called Mount Hermon which is just to the north of Tel Megiddo 

The Greek translation of  Tel Megiddo, also known as Hal Megiddo is – Armageddon.

1088 words

        Chapter 1 (abridged version) from – The Long Dragon, – depicting the destruction of the Chinese Shang dynasty and the creation of the Zhou dynasty, while at the same time introducing “Kioh”, a dragon lord in the making.           

        It sets the background to Neffi Jones’s second adventure and introduces the reader to an age old Chinese love affair with the mythical dragon. Unlike its European counterparts, the Chinese dragon has a long snake like body and is allegedly made up from a composite of many other animals. It is also often depicted wearing or clutching a flaming pearl, which is an emblem  of its strength and wisdom, and it is the pearl that becomes the link which draws Neffi into the world of the Han dynasty.

1500 words

A very short story based on the senses of smell and taste.

278 words

A creative writing exercise illustrating a Mono-Dialogue about a painting, only this one is from the painting’s point of view.
The Laughing Cavalier, painted in 1624 by the Dutch artist Frans Hals, currently hangs in the Wallace Collection in London


A creative writing exercise centred around time. In this instance what can happen in the space of time it takes a cricket ball to be delivered and played.

1244 WORDS

The Polish Rider, dated around the 1650’s, is a painting of an unidentified young man travelling on horseback, and is generally attributed to the Dutch artist Rembrandt.
In the real world there is considerable controversy as to who he is, but using some imagination and a little background research I have captured an imaginary moment where he has been spotted by two guards in the tower on the hill behind him, and we can listen to their conversation. Maybe this explains everything?

610 words

Sixty minutes can be a long time or it can disappear in a flash!   A study of time.

1056 WORDS
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