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The cricket match – 1244 words

A cricket ball and a tea urn. What could possibly go wrong?

The hunt – 274 words

 The sense of taste and smell can work both ways!

The battle of Muye – 1500 words

The birth of a dragon lord- the start of a new adventure.

The Laughing Cavalier – 247 words

He is not laughing really!

The Polish Rider – 610 words

Battlefield humour – 1650’s style!

Tick Tock – 1056 words

This will make you think!

The battle of Megiddo – 1088 words

The β€˜devil’ is in the detail!

First Kiss – 1373 words

Something you never forget.

The Dark Horse – 768 words

Its votes that count

Doris does adventure – 1108 Words

Be careful what you wish for.

An evening with my grandfather – 1294 Words

Memories of an age gone by.

The Chosen One 812 Words

The background to – The Blue Crown

The Harp – 1644 Words

Part 2 of – An evening with my grandfather.

My other grandfather – 2938 words

A voyage of discover

That Afternoon- 812 words

The dust bowl of 1935 – One man’s renewed faith in God

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