The Laughing Cavalier talks back

Mono-dialogue regarding a painting

Firstly, I am not laughing. You may think this, but in reality, I have just been counting yesterday’s takings and who would not have such an enigmatic smile about them.

       Secondly, I am not a Cavalier, despite how many of you think that I have such a military style, and talking of style, anyone with the slightest degree of panache would realise from the colour of my exquisite jacket and the elegance of my silk rough that I am a creator of fashion.

        Really, can you see any sign of a sword? No. So where did the Cavalier come from?

        The moustache you say. Come now, this is the latest Dutch style, even if you do not recognise it.

        I must admit though, the hat is very Cavalier’ish, but I am afraid that you will have to ask Frank Hals about that, as I have never owned one myself.

         In reality I would feel much happier if you stood there and admired the very expensive silk of my shirt, which, if you notice, shows so well through the strategically placed slits in my hand cut and stitched jacket.

         Well, I am sorry if it offends you but standing with my hand on my hip means nothing. It is just the pose that is most comfortable when you have to stand for so long.

         So, I would greatly appreciate it if you would move on and critique someone else rather than me. Clearly, you know nothing about art.


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