The Blue Crown

The first in a new series of children’s/ young adult novels that launches Neffi Jones into a world of historical fantasy, where she begins to learn more about her own emotions as well as her developing supernatural powers.

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Release date—2nd June 2019

            Neffi Jones is fascinated by the mysteries of ancient Egypt and while on her first work placement, excavating a tomb in the Valley of the Kings, she is drawn into a world of crime and corruption that threatens not only her life but of those closest to her. At the same time there is a growing awareness that she has psychic skills that go beyond the natural world, linking her inexplicably to the tomb and its hidden treasures.

          Sagira, handmaiden to Queen Nefertiti, and guardian of the Blue Crown is learning to harness powers that can make the difference between life and death, while at the same time becoming instrumental in overcoming a threat that could change the course of ancient history.

         As the twin chains of events grow closer to their inevitable conclusions, there is a realisation that, perhaps, their worlds are not too dissimilar and that the two girls have a common secret, bound together by The Blue Crown.

       Certainly, their lives will never be the same again.

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