Wadjet – Beautiful goddess. Life or death, you choose.

    “I am known by many names, but you may call me Wadjet. I was created, with my twin sister, Nekhbet, as the eyes of the sun god Ra. He sent us to find his children after they became lost in the watery abyss, which was full of chaos and evil. We were successful in our quest and overcame the darkness that dwelled there. On the return of his children, Ra cried with joy, and his tears fell to the ground, becoming the people of the land called Egypt. To reward our achievement, Ra turned us into goddesses, and we dwelt in the papyrus swamps which sat in the delta of the great river of life. Ra then joined the rest of the gods and took on human form, becoming Atum-Ra, creator of all life.

You are invited to read a short story that sets the background to a new series of historical fantasy novels that starts with an Egyptian adventure called – The Blue Crown.

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