The biblical evergreen. A wonder of the natural world.

A celebration of the cedar tree.

Different in style and shape throughout the world but majestic at all times.

Cedar, sweet suffocating scent, heavy in afternoon heat,
drooping in healthy majesty on Cyprian soil.
While shades of mottled light fall like flightless arrows, 
fired from quivering branches.
Cedar, brave biblical branches, tallest of its kind, 
sweeping the dust from Lebanese deserts.
While thirsty roots scavenge in stones aged beyond time,
full of religious piety.
Cedar, secret solitary sentry, guardian of ancient tales,
brushes clouds from Himalayan skies
While evergreen blue needles fall unseen, unheard, 
on the land of the gods.
Cedar, green gargantuan and untouched by human hand
roaming in herds across Canadian mountains.
While static and unchallenged in a wilderness of white,
givers of life and guardians of death.

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