Why did I write this story?

The Blue Crown

There is a fascination in the history of ancient Egypt that captures the minds of young and old alike. After taking my grandchildren to see the exhibits in the British Museum, I listened to their many questions, including: Are the items real? What was it like in those days?

The answer to the first question was easy – yes, the second was more complicated.

The story was developed to try and give an understanding that life in those days, while different, in terms of ‘things’, was still driven by individual hopes, fears, and aspirations. Just like life today.

The storey is set in two time zones. The current day setting is pure fiction.

However, the details for the ancient Egyptian section are based on the people of the time. They are actual historical characters, however, the story that brings them together is an interpretation of historical facts

There is a more detailed explanation to this in the book, which, of course, I highly recommend you read.

The reference to special edition means that the original version has been updated to link it more specifically to the sequel, called – The Long Dragon.

The Blue Crown

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8711499794 The Blue Crown Paperback – 14 April 2021

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  1. This book really is a blend of history and imagination. A genuine docu-novel. Thanks for allowing me a prepublication insight.

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