Mr Rhino-Pede becomes a King

Fame and fortune are not everything.

Mr Rhino-Pede and his friends
Mr Rhino-Pede becomes a vKing

Mr Rhino-Pede becomes King is first book in a series written and illustrated by two school children for children. It’s crazy, it’s bonkers, but if you take the time to read between the lines there is a moral message.
A centipede that is also a rhinoceros (why not) discovers that being King is not easy, especially if you are not supposed to be the King.
It can be easy to sit back and enjoy the good things in life, but, when the time comes, giving them up can be really hard. However, you know it’s the right thing to do.

We can all be tempted by fame and fortune but learn quickly that friendship and loyalty is life’s true reward.

The creation of Mr Rhino-Pede becomes a King

Indigo and Layla had an idea about a story that involved impossible characters in impossible situations. Such as a centipede that is also a rhinoceros who accidentally finds himself to be a King.

The story started life as notes scribbled in an exercise book with pencil drawings. Over time the drawings became more elaborate, with the addition of colour, and the plot strengthened without losing its simple charm. Like all good stories it had a beginning, a middle and an end. Something that is not as simple to achieve as it sounds. Many authors fail to achieve this fundamental principle and leave the reader wondering where the story is going.

School taught both children many lessons in life, including the benefits of friendship and loyalty. The story cleverly conveys this principal by actions rather than a bold statement, which makes it easier to digest.

The type setting of the story and the transfer of the drawings into a digital format has been carried out by the publisher. However, nothing else was changed in the process. It is their story, their wording and their drawings.
Book two, Mr Rhino-Pede’s roller coaster day out, continues the adventures of this lovable character and introduces the reader to his equally bizarre friends. There is also another moral to consider.

Vibrant colour, bold print, easy to read.

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