The perfect children’s Christmas gift

The Blue Fairy and the Three Princesses.

The perfect children's Christmas gift. The Blue Fairy and the Three Princesses. Watch out for the Dragon rider.
The Blue Fairy and the Three Princesses

The perfect children’s Christmas gift

This is a story that must be told
during long winter nights when the wind blows cold.
Of fairies and elves and knights so bold,
who live in this place that is ever so old.

There are wizards and dragons who guard the land,
from the witches and goblins that would turn it to sand.
The villages and castles are surrounded by towers,
which sit in the meadows all covered in flowers.
The Blue Fairy

A wicked witch places a curse over the land and the three princesses have to look for the blue fairy, who is the only person who can lift the evil spell. Aided by the friendly dragon rider, a wizard, and an elf king, they have to first find each of the blue fairy’s three sisters, and then battle the smelly goblins, before they can rescue her from the clutches of the ugly trolls.
The question is, will they find her in time?

The Blue Fairy and the Three Princesses was created as a bedtime story with the assistance of my three granddaughters. The fun was to make it rhyme with words that went with the story. This s not as easy as you may first think. Another, exciting element, was creating the principal characters around family members. Ultimately the story was amended several times in order ensure everyone had a spot. Nobody wanted to be lefty out. Of course, this excluded the witch, the goblins and the trolls. This meant that there was as much fun in the creation of the The Blue Fairy as in the story itself.

An enchanting classical fairy tale with an interesting twist. The children’s book that even you will love to read. Full of vibrant illustrations. Every page a joy.

The perfect children’s Christmas gift

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